Table For Six 101


Our goals are simple: we want to show our kids the world, eat well, and bring you along for the ride! We’ve got a simple and straightforward site with mediocre photos, excellent travel tips, tasty food, and slightly above-average writing. We hope you’ll dig in and enjoy this creative outlet. As a mom, my hope is that our space here becomes a vehicle for my kids to learn and create, too! They thrive on positive feedback, so please be sure to share the love if you feel it! Let us grownups know if you have a tip or trick that we’re overlooking, too. We LOVE to learn, and we’re always open to new techniques in the kitchen and new paths on the road!

A Solemn Vow

We will always and forever put the recipe at the top of the page. You will never have to wade through a seemingly endless scroll, time after time, just because you forgot how many cloves of garlic I suggested. (Pro tip: however many it was, double it.)

In the event that a recipe begs for a longer intro, we’ll have a link to skip down. 

We also promise to never grossly underestimate the time it takes to chop, prep, and cook a dish. 


To see all of our posts, go straight to the Blog. Or skip right on through to the Travel and Food sections. As our site grows, we’ll group posts by topic or recipe type. And be on the lookout for an occasional playlist or book review. Cooking tunes and beach reads are right up our alley.

Join us!