Gluten Free Bread Reviews

So often when a friend tells me that they are going gluten-free, the first obstacle to furrow their brows and make the whole prospect feel overwhelming is bread. And it’s with good reason. We’ve been making it for thousands (and some say tens of thousands!) of years. Whole civilizations developed around baking and the domestication of wheat. We pray, sing, and write poems about it, and only half-jokingly mark time as the pre- or post-sliced bread eras.

Humans consume more bread than any other food!

In short, we love our bread, no matter which side is buttered. It is utilitarian, comforting, and sometimes indulgent. But for gluten free eaters, whether newbs or old timers, it is often disappointment in a bag.

So the six of us at the table are on a mission! We’re going to review every bread mix, recipe, and method that we can find until we’ve found something satisfying. Something that toasts well, grills well, can stand up to your runny egg yolks and even tastes great in your Thanksgiving dressing!

Every one will be assessed for cost, ease of use, straight from the oven, after having been frozen and thawed, and with and without dairy. We’ll report our findings and put the best of the them head to head! No more loafing around…let’s get to work!

“Who could say the words ‘Great Smoky Mountains’ or ‘Shenandoah Valley’ and not feel an urge, as the naturalist John Muir once put it, ‘to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence’?”
~ Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods

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